Vendors & Table Reservations

Revised 11/2019

The University of Puget Sound has the duty and responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy environment conducive to its principle mission of education.

The sponsoring group or individual that reserves vending space in Wheelock Student Center (WSC) will be held responsible for following these policies.

Solicitation is defined as contact for the purpose of:

  1. Soliciting funds or sales or demonstrations that result in sales;
  2. Distributing advertising or other materials;
  3. Compiling data for surveys, programs, or other purposes;
  4. Recruitment of members or support for an organization or cause;
  5. Providing educational information sessions (i.e., graduate school recruitment)

Unless special arrangements have been made, vending spaces available in the Wheelock Student Center are along the west wall of the student center running against the windows and brick wall. No tables are allowed in front of the Rotunda area. A total of four six-foot tables are available. Advertising signs are permitted in the table area; however, signs cannot be attached to wooden surfaces. Masking tape is permitted on brick walls and table surfaces, only. The Wheelock Student Center is not responsible for signs that are left on the tables, as all signage should be removed at the end of the day.

If tables are to be used for fundraising activities, please refer to the university's policy governing student fundraising activity.

Priorities & Availability
Vending space will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. We reserve the right to refuse vending space to any individual, group, or organization. In case of scheduling conflicts, determination of use will be made in the following order:

  1. ASUPS-registered groups/organizations
  2. University departments
  3. University related organizations
  4. Other ouside vendors whose goods cannot be bought elsewhere on campus

Priorities 2 and 3 are subject to change by the first priority, if merited. Any group whose reservation is changed will be given two weeks notice, where possible.

Vending Space Request Form
In order to reserve vending space in the WSC, log in to and request the Location WSC-VR#. If you are an off-campus group, please complete this form.

Space & Fees
Vending space is available to university-related and student groups for no charge. Space for university-related and student groups includes enough room for one six-foot table or 8 feet of space.

Outside vendors will be charged a minimum charge of $40.00 per day per space.

Outside vendors' space includes enough room for one six-foot table or 8 feet of space. Space is also limited to approximately 8 feet from the brick wall. Total space is an area 12 feet long by 8 feet deep. Vendors are not allowed to bring in their own tables or display units without the approval of the Operations Office of the WSC. If more than two tables are needed, you may reserve an additional six-foot table at a charge of $25.00, upon approval of the Operations Office of the WSC.

Tables & Space
Tables are not to be moved from location.

When a group or vendor has finished using a vending space, it is to be returned to the same or better condition than it was in before use. The Wheelock Student Center is not responsible for storage of materials or merchandise that has been left behind.

Solicitation & Noise
Vendors shall not come forward from their tables with the intent of soliciting passersby.

All solicitation and related activities shall be confined to the designated display space only; passersby are not to be harassed or harangued.

Vendors shall not create any loud noises (i.e. stereos, etc.) which would disrupt or disturb other patrons of the Center.

Use of tables by non-university organizations or individuals for the purpose of solicitation is limited to no more than 5 (five) days per academic semester.

Warning & Rule Breaking
At the discretion of the Director of Scheduling and Event Services, any vendor may receive one (1) warning, or be asked to leave, or both, without a refund of vending table deposits. Breaking a rule shall be deemed as a "breech of contract."

An event that places an undue burden on campus facilities, interferes with the use of campus facilities by other persons, disrupts normal operations, infringes on the protected rights of others, and/or has as a principle goal to incite a riot or to disrupt other activities may be denied the privilege of using University facilities (or grounds) for solicitation.

Puget Sound will not accept advertising or corporate sponsorship that reflects in a negative manner on the university, does not align with its mission statement, or is not in the best interest of the health and safety of the university community as determined by decision making parties.

Puget Sound does not accept advertising or corporate sponsorship for certain categories of products and services, including:

  • alcohol products
  • illegal drugs
  • drug paraphernaliea
  • weapons
  • tobacco products or establishments, sexual escort services
  • gambling opportunities or casinos
  • medical testing opportunities
  • weight loss products or plans
  • check cashing services and credit cards