Marshall Hall

Size 4,345 sq. ft.
Chairs only with stage 342
Tables/Chairs with Stage 300
For Banquet 245
  • Need permission for use.
  • Requires work order 72 hours in advance.
Audiovisual Data projector and DVD player available for use with 72 hour notice.
PA System Yes
Dance Floor Portable
  • Computerized/centralized
  • No air conditioning
  • A fire can be provided. Requires 72 hour notice.
  • Shades can be pulled.
  • Exit/Entrance door on southwest wall.
  • Emergency fire exit on south wall of 101.
  • Can attach authorized banners/postings to loft railing and brick areas only.
  • Banners musty comply to standard measurements and be fireproofed (contact Facilities Services for fireproofing details.)
  • Extra garbage cans and stanchions can be provided upon request.
Note Marshall Hall is not available for events by non-university related organizations (category C) while classes are in session. Rental during the summer will be on a case by case basis.