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Share your Puget Sound memories with us! Write about your favorite moment from Prelude, Passages, and Perspectives, your toughest professor or the class that changed your life, the Greek Week you'll never forget or the Adelphians tour to end all Adelphians tours... Submit an old photo or even a video clip! Show us your dorm room or your favorite Logger cheer, tell us where you keep your diploma or that old, ratty Loggers sweatshirt you've had since freshman year and still wear when you're missing "The Puge." We want it all.

At a loss for words? Send us a "Happy Birthday, Puget Sound" message, and we may include it in a special project we're working on for March 17, 2013 - the anniversary of our founding. In your message tell us what Puget Sound means to you, how you live each day "to the heights," or simply say "happy birthday!"


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