Academic Advising

First-Year Students | Transfer Students

Welcome!  We are delighted that you will be joining us in the fall. We think you will find University of Puget Sound an intellectually stimulating and exciting place to be.

First-Year Students - Advising and Seminars

Soon we will be sending out the First-Year Advising Booklet in the mail. The information in the booklet will explain the first-year advising program and assist you in making course selections. The content in this booklet is identical to the content of these Web pages, so start exploring now.

To help you get off to the best start possible, we have developed a comprehensive First-Year Academic Advising Program that will place you in a first-year advising group for fall term. Our advising classes are introductory and designed for any well-prepared entering student. Because they cover a wide range of topics, you should be able to find one that particularly interests you.

As you begin your work on the college's core requirements, you will also be enrolling in the first of two first-year seminars. In the Seminar in Scholarly Inquiry I (SSI-1), students engage challenging texts and ideas through guided inquiry led by the faculty member. Students begin to develop the academic abilities of reading, writing, and oral argument necessary to enter into academic conversations.These seminars will be offered in a variety of disciplines addressing a variety of topics. Both seminars are limited in size to give you and your classmates the chance to be fully engaged in classroom dialogue. Upon successful completion of your SSI-1, you will take an SSI-2 in the spring.

Advising Placement Questionnaire

Before we can place you in the most appropriate advising group and first-year seminar, we need to know your preferences. The FAQ and First-Year Advising address common advising questions and will help you explore and preview your options. The Advising Placement Questionnaire is another tool to help you plan, and becomes available on your myPugetSound account. After logging in, click on “Advising Placement Selection” to complete the questionnaire and indicate your advising class and seminar preferences. Please be aware that preferred advising classes and first-year seminars will fill rapidly, so we recommend that your respond promptly. Please read the FAQ section of the main academic advising website before completing your questionnaire.

Mathematics Placement Test
Finally, in order to assist you in selecting an appropriate course to meet Puget Sound's Mathematical Approaches core requirement, we ask that you complete a mathematics placement test before coming to campus. The test is posted to your myPugetSound account after you've made your tuition deposit. Instructions for completing the test are included there, as well. All entering students must complete the test online before arriving on campus.

If you have questions about your myPugetSound account, please contact Luanne Meyer by email at

Transfer Students - Advising & Registration

For all entering transfer students with college experience and credit, we offer a streamlined pathway to an academic advising assignment and registration for fall classes. 

Advisor Assignment
When you applied for admission, you gave us some indication of your intended academic major (if you have chosen one).  When you complete the Advising Placement Questionnaire for transfer students (see below), you can confirm that information.  We will assign you a faculty advisor in the department of your intended major (often the chair) if you have chosen one; if you are undecided, we will assign you an advisor in the Office of Academic Advising.  You will receive a letter soon after you have submitted your advanced tuition payment naming your academic advisor and giving you contact information for him or her. 

Advising Placement Questionnaire
There are several things your advisor will want to know about your background and objectives, and the advising questionnaire is designed so that you can communicate them.  The most important, of course, is the academic program(s) of greatest interest to you, but the other pieces of information are also important.  You will find your advising questionnaire on your myPugetSound account after you have made your tuition deposit.  Please fill it out promptly and completely so that your advisor has your information before you discuss registration.

You and your academic advisor may meet either in person or over the telephone to complete your first registration for classes at Puget Sound.  You and your advisor will discuss the academic credit you are bringing with you, how that credit applies to Puget Sound core and major requirements, and decide on a fall class schedule.  An explanation of how to use the online class search tool to investigate your schedule options is available on this website under the heading “Planning Fall Classes,” which goes live in May. Once you and your advisor have settled on an appropriate schedule for fall, he or she will remove your registration hold which will allow you to register for your classes.

If you have questions about your myPugetSound account, please contact Luanne Meyer by email at