Prelude, Passages & Perspectives

During your first days at Puget Sound, you will participate in the New Student Orientation program. Orientation is designed to accomplish three essential objectives:

  • To Challenge you: There will be opportunities for you to experience the campus as an intellectually engaged community.
  • To build Connection: You will be able to develop a good sense of the many informal and formal groups with which you can affiliate in the classroom, in residence halls, and in various campus activities.
  • To develop your sense of Comfort: You will learn your way around the campus and experience both a welcome into the community and a sense of campus norms and culture.

Orientation begins with Convocation, the opening event for you and your parents, led by President-elect Isiaah Crawford. The balance of Orientation Week has three parts: 

Learn more about Puget Sound's award winning orientation program and see what happens on each of the nine days.

New Student Orientation at Puget Sound is a busy, exciting, and information-filled introduction to the many aspects of college life. You will find it to be a great experience. Soon you will receive additional items in the mail, which should help you understand New Student Orientation more fully.

If you have questions, please call the Orientation office at 253.879.3317 or send an email message to

Before your arrival

Curious about what comes standard in your dorm room or where to open a bank account near campus? We've made a webpage to help you with all the final details before you arrive in August. 

2016 Orientation Registration Forms available now!

Use your portal to access the registration forms.

Hey, Transfers!

You have two options for orientation. We encourage you to participate in the full orientation experience described above. You may also opt to only attend Transfer Essentials Day on August 25. You can find both schedules here

The 2016 Orientation Schedule is here!

Ready for nine days of fun and learning? It all begins Friday, August 19. Take a look at what will be happening each day of 2016 Orientation.