Outdoor Leadership & First Aid Courses

PSO provides trainings throughout the year to build the leadership and outdoor skills of the Puget Sound Community.  We provide trainings for those interested in becoming leaders for PSO, applying for positions in the adventure/experiential education industry and looking for the skills to get out on your own.  The schedule of trainings will vary, but we commonly offer the following opportunities.

  • Map use and orienteering at Pt. Defiance
  • Wilderness First Aid Courses:
    • Wilderness First Aid (3 days, 24 hour course)
    • Wilderness First  Responder (9 days, 80+ hour course)
    • Wilderness First Responder Review (2 days, plus distance learning component)
  • Swiftwater Rescue Training for whitewater kayakers and rafters
  • Beginning white water kayaking training
  • Beginning indoor and outdoor rock climbing
  • Beginning lead sport climbing training
  • Advance rock climbing skills

OLE - Outdoor Leadership Experience Course

You can gain valuable leadership and outdoor skills by becoming involved with PSO.  You can start by going on trips throughout the year.  If you are interested in leading trips for PSO you can do so in a few ways.

If you have basic leadership and facilitation skills then you can start by:

  • Participating and trips with PSO
  • Become a trip organizer: organizers will assist the leaders in all aspects of the trip planning, preparation and clean-up. You will be given feedback to improve leadership, teaching and outdoor skills.  You will also only pay ½ price for the trip.
  • Get involved in one of the Outdoor Leadership Experience (OLE) courses.  These courses will be offered in the fall and spring.  Each course will culminate in a 4+ day backpacking trip during either fall break or just following graduation weekend.

If you have led trips before as one of the primary leaders then you may be able to lead trips for PSO with designation from the Assistant Director of Student Activities for Outdoor Programs.