Climbing Wall

The climbing wall is open for students, staff, faculty, and families of the University of Puget Sound.

The climbing wall is the culmination of a student initiative that was built in the summer of 1996 in one of the racquetball courts at the Fieldhouse. This high quality facility offers a variety of slopes from gradual to inverted, providing a good deal of variety. The routes are changed frequently by students and don't tend to get repetitive.

There is also an introductory climbing class offered under the Physical Education department for activity credit that provides a good beginner's overview for climbing. Other evening seminars and "check out" sessions are offered regularly to make sure that everyone using the facility has a base knowledge of proper belay technique and wall etiquette.

Furthermore, the climbing wall committee organizes off campus climbing trips to local outdoor locations like Vantage or Leavenworth.

Orientation and Free Climbing

Wall closed until Spring 2016. 

Come to the wall for free climbing nights or to be oriented and purchase a membership to climb whenever the Fitness Centers is open.  Membership to the wall is $20 per year.

Climbing Hours at Wall in the Field house Fitness Center
Check back for exciting news about the grand opening of the new wall in the new Fitness Center. Coming late Spring 2016!