Contact Student Activities Staff

Student Activities Staff

Cyndy Gulyas
Administrative Specialist

Moe Stephens 
Director of Student Activities

Moe can answer questions about:

  • Orientation and Passages & Perspectives Leader roles
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Green Dot and Bystander Intervention
  • Programming and how to do it
  • Event Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Community building
  • Effective Facilitation

Moe can facilitate the following general or specific workshops or topics for your club, organization, hall, or team:

  • Green Dot Bystander training
  • 7 Steps of Facilitation
  • True Colors - Personality inventory and leadership styles
  • Leadership Practices Inventory

Justin Canny
Assistant Director of Student Activities for Outdoor Programs

Justin's specialties:

  • Outdoor Trip Leaders - We can help you find leaders to facilitate a safe, fun, and educational trip into the outdoors.
  • Trips we can help with: Dayhikes, backpack trips, snowshoeing, snowcamping, cycling (road and Mountain), cross country skiing, sea kayaking and orienteering.
  • Where do our trips go? We access the Central and south Cascade Mountains including Mt. Rainier, the Olympics and Puget Sound. Other places are generally too far to drive for a day or weekend trip.
  • Who have we helped plan trips for? University Hall, Regester Hall, Schiff Hall, Women's Lacrosse Team,  Gamma Phi Climbing Wall New Member Class Sleepover.
  • The Expeditionary - You can rent equipment for your trips. See the Expeditionary web page for our list of equipment. We also have as many sleeping bags, pads and tents as you would need for a large camp out.
  • Specific Areas that we can be a resource for:
    • Leading and designing Team building initiatives for a group.
    • Helping you find a local ropes or challenge course.
    • Helping clubs and organizations review risk management procedures.
    • Helping clubs and organizations prepare for ASUPS Clubs High Risk Policy.
    • Facilitating programs around Risk Management related to driving, trips, and outdoor activities.

Serni can facilitate the following general or specific workshops or topics for your club, organization, hall, or team:

  • Is Tacoma Boring, or is it Me? - Finding and knowing the resources of the city of Tacoma.
  • Special Events Resources - Using What You've Got - Creatively using the who, what, and where of creating celebrations. A popular conference session, an interactive brainstorm about event design and presentation.
  • For Lack of a Horse, the War was Lost: Reading Riders and Knowing Your "Techs" Books - Addresses the necessity and the role of tech for even the simplest presentations.
  • Publicizing to a BIG Audience: Media Buys Made Simple - Addresses the balance and effectiveness of radio vs. print vs. TV ads.
  • Elvis Has Left the Building - What to do AFTER the event is over can make your next event easier to do.
  • Concert Production for Non-Profits: A Primer - The basics of concert production for fundraisers.
  • Comedy and Campuses - Giving Mirth Worth - Information on booking comics.
  • Presenting Lecturers on Campus - Basics of the lecture industry.
  • Jazz: Art Form or Entertainment? The Business Backstage - Addresses the marketing of jazz.
  • Country Concerts on Campus - Basics of new and traditional country music on campus.
  • Events and Risk Management 101
  • Trust Me, I'm the Agent - The industry and the novice campus buyer.
  • Cancellations - A Survival Guide - About dealing with unfortunate situations and avoiding them.
  • Integrating Diversity Into Your Year - Presentations about UPS's theme years to other campuses.
  • What You Hear is What You Get - A session about different types of sound systems and how to shop for the right sound company.
  • Making Contracts Work for You - Fashioning a contract that is good for both sides.