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Sailing Club

We provide students, faculty, alumni and the Tacoma community the opportunity to learn and grow by fostering a competitive, educational and social environment in which participants can cultivate a life long passion for the ideals embodied in the unique experience of sailing.

Student Health Awareness Club

Our goal is to provide pertinent and up to date information about bodily health and preventative measures. We are interested in providing information about healthy choices and potential bodily dangers to the campus in a way that incites individuals to take charge of their own health. Additionally we provide information such as Unnatural Causes, a documentary about the health disparities in America, so that students know what is really happening around them, possibly to their neighbors and that our system obviously needs to change. Education is one of the steps towards preventative care and making more health conscious choices, and we try and provide that not only to our members but the campus as well.

Students for Liberty

"Students for Liberty (SFL) is an entirely student-run club that promotes understanding of our political system and its basis in the principles of liberty. With the understanding that the classroom often fails to provide a safe haven for a diversity of perspectives, SFL is dedicated to providing a space for open, respectful, and productive discussion of ALL political viewpoints. Topics change weekly and faculty guests are periodically invited to consult on or moderate a topic. Beyond regular meetings, students can become voting members to participate in bringing guest speakers to campus, organizing recreational off-campus activities, and shaping how the club promotes the cause of liberty at Puget Sound, in the U.S., and around the world. But SFL is more than a community of politically conscious and curious individuals—from afternoons at the beach, to films on Friday nights, we grow together as friends and support each other throughout the college experience.