U-Meth (United Methodists)

U-Meth is a small Bible study and discussion group. Besides our weekly discussion groups we also intend to take part in community service projects and organize carpools to a local United Methodist church every Sunday morning. Though it was created by and remains largely United Methodist, we welcome all, Christian or not. In fact we love to see new faces. Please come! Visiting does not commit you to further attendance. If U-Meth does not work for you, we understand completely and would be more than willing to connect you with other Christian groups on campus.

Underground Jazz

Underground Jazz is the vocal jazz group on campus. It is completely student run and lead. UJ has 1 main concert each semester usually around the end of the semester. We also perform at various other functions around the year.


The Vagina Anti-Violence Alliance is a club that is committed to ending violence towards women. VAVA provides outreach and awareness through meetings, programs, and sponsorship of campus events, and is the primary sponsor of the campus production of the Vagina Monologues. VAVA is open to both men and women who wish to learn and share about how to end violence towards women. Activities range from movies to poster-making to great discussions. Come share your ideas about how to end sexual assault!

Writers' Guild

The Writers’ Guild is a group of writers on campus that meet weekly to read and critique each other’s work. Whether you’re an experienced writer or just want more feedback on your work, the Guild can help you meet other writers and form a community where you feel comfortable sharing your work. All genres are welcome! Check out our weekly writing groups and our monthly Spontaneous Writing Sessions. We also coordinate with the English Dept. to bring guest speakers to campus and promote writing-related events. Don’t forget to submit your work to Crosscurrents by sending it to ccr@pugetsound.edu.