Student Activities

Living on a residential campus means you have more informal interactions with faculty. It means you get to maximize academic engagement while balancing your studies and social life. It also boosts your involvement in campus activities, participation in leadership roles, and development of leadership skills.

Student Activities and Leadership enhances the living-learning environment, encourages student participation in Puget Sound traditions, and provides resources and leadership opportunities that empower students to build a foundation for the future. The myriad programs are inclusive of all students and members of the Puget Sound community.

Getting involved happens in a variety of ways. A major promoter of student engagement is Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound, or ASUPS (“Ay-sups”). It’s the student body’s elected government. They fund up to 100 clubs and a set of media outlets each year based on student interests, including the campus radio station (KUPS “The Sound”) and newspaper (The Trail), cultural, religious, and service organizations, performing arts groups, and club sports such as alpine skiing and sailing.

Do you have questions about...

  • The Greek Community
  • Outdoor Trip Planning
  • Recruitment
  • Leadership Programs
  • Event Programming
  • Wee 'Ours Late Night Programming
  • Planning, Financing, Publicity, working with ASUPS
  • Programmers
  • How to program for your club or organization