Interfaith Coordinator for Jewish Life

The Interfaith Coordinator for Jewish Life acts as a liaison between Hillel (Jewish Student Organization) and the university's Office of Spirituality, Service, and Social Justice. He/she/ze collaborates with the president and board of Hillel to plan and publicize events surrounding Jewish life and religious practice. Major events involving this position include Shabbat services, High Holidays, Sukkot, New Light, Chanukah Party (if during school), Purim Party, and Passover Seder. The person in this position brings these events to Interfaith Council and other Interfaith Coordinators and often collaborates with other student leaders to work across faiths. Specifically in events such as New Light, the campus's multifaith celebration of fall and winter holidays, the Interfaith Coordinator for Jewish Life organizes the Jewish table (in New Light's case that would be a Chanukah display). Conversely, this position also promotes Interfaith Council meetings and events to the Jewish community on campus.

Current Jewish Life Coordinator

The current Interfaith Coordinator for Jewish Life is Ian Fox '14.  For more information about the work Ian does, email him at