Interfaith Coordinator Scholarships Now Available

The Interfaith Coordinator Scholarships are offered, like all scholarships through Student Financial Services. Follow the link to their website and scroll down until you find the Interfaith Coordinator Scholarship. Applications are due March 31.

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Student Interfaith Coordinators

What are Interfaith Coordinators?

Interfaith Coordinators are current Puget Sound students who have applied for and been chosen to receive scholarship support while working in a range of spiritual and religious leadership areas. Students of all faith traditions and spiritual backgrounds are encouraged to apply for these scholarships. Interfaith Coordinators are expected to work 5-8 hours each week, and receive $2000 in scholarship each semester. Interfaith Coordinators attend staff meetings each week, and meet individually with either the University Chaplain or the Assistant Director of SSSJ every other week for mentoring and supervision. Scholarship renewal for the spring term requires approval of the University Chaplain.

Interfaith Coordinator Positions

Currently there are 7 Interfaith Coordinators.  This number varies by year depending on scholarship resources.  The current positions are:

Primary Supervisor:  University Chaplain, Dave Wright

Primary Supervisor:  Assistant Director of SSSJ, Skylar Bihl

Interfaith Community Service Coordinator