Interfaith Resources

One aspect of Puget Sound’s commitment to inclusion is our commitment to supporting students of all religious and spiritual traditions while providing venues in which students can learn and work alongside individuals who believe and practice very differently from one another.  In addition to robust programs for our two largest religious/spiritual communities – Christianity and Judaism – we have clubs and resources in place to support the ever-evolving range of student spiritual identities.  We also offer some things to encourage people of different backgrounds to learn from one another.  To that end, here are some ways that students can get involved on campus – and some links to other important off-campus interfaith opportunities!

  • Go Exploring!  Interfaith Explorations (IE) is our student group dedicated to discussions, field trips, and respectful engagement around religious diversity.  IE meets weekly during the school year, and is open to all students.
  • Serve Somebody!  Our Alternative Break Programs – offered during Fall and Spring breaks – give students the chance to work together not only to give back to the local and regional community but to engage in ethical reflection and conversation about the ways their personal values and identities intersect with issues of community service and social justice.
  • Live It!  Returning students can apply to our “Spirituality and Social Justice” residency program – a pluralistic, co-curricular program in which academic and personal interest in social justice is intersected with students’ sense of spiritual or ethical engagement.  Faculty and staff mentors work with students in the program to strengthen their academic work in these areas while further exploring their personal identities and practices.
  • Bucket List!  The Multifaith Bucket List is a campus challenge for students to make the most of campus and community resources for learning about religious and spiritual diversity.  Completing all 25 items on the list during your time at Puget Sound will get you all over the region and give you a very distinctive perspective on how you live in the world.  Oh, and if you can document that you complete the list, there’s a prize!

These are just a handful of major ways that students can get engaged in the diversity of religious and spiritual practices reflected on our campus and in our larger community.  For more information, contact Dave Wright at or 253.879.3818.