FAQs for Faculty & Staff

What is mandatory reporting?

The University of Puget Sound has decided to adopt a policy that defines university employees as mandatory reporters. This means that if you learn about sexual harassment, discrimination, or sexual assault, you are expected to inform relevant administrators. When reporting these incidents, you may initially be able to omit personally identifiable information (the name of the victim, and the name of the accused). You will be given guidance on how much detail is needed in an initial report, and the Title IX Coordinator and/or designee will follow up if more information is needed in order to fulfill obligations under Title IX. The College will be guided by the goals of empowering the victim and allowing the victim to retain as much control over the process as possible.

What do I do if a student approaches me with information regarding sexual misconduct?

Inform the student before they disclose any more information that you have an obligation as a Puget Sound employee to tell someone about the sexual misconduct. If they prefer to have a completely confidential conversation, direct the student to Strictly Confidential resources. If they are OK with you letting relevant administrators know, then you should inform your department chair, Academic Dean Kris Bartanen, or Title IX Coordinator Michael Benitez within 24-48 hours, or sooner if the incident requires urgent attention.

What types of incidents of sexual misconduct do I need to report?

  • Incidents involving a student victim with another student, either on or off-campus
  • Incidents involving a student victim with a non-student, where the student victim appears to be in crisis or in need of support
  • Incidents involving students accused of sexual misconduct, either on or off-campus with a student victim