Youth Programs

The University of Puget Sound values the beauty and diversity of the city of Tacoma. We encourage our students to dive deep into the city's culture by exploring new places and meeting new people. One way we carry out this goal is by managing mentoring and tutoring programs. Each of the programs aims to provide academic and personal enrichment to children in Tacoma as well as the student volunteers involved. Our program coordinators work hard to create a mutually fulfilling experience for both participants and volunteers in the following ways:

  • Providing training and support for student tutors
  • Making these programs free of cost for Tacoma residents
  • Planning group events and outings (again free of cost to mentors and mentees!)

Kids Can Do! Mentoring Program

Created in 1989, the mission of Kids Can Do! is to expose area youth to higher education by involving them in campus events and activities. Mentors strive to educate their child about the value of a college education and help them understand their responsibility in obtaining that goal. Kids Can Do! also aims to sponsor educational field trips and activities for mentors and their mentees.

Tutoring Programs

Puget Sound offers a variety of tutoring opportunities for Puget Sound students.  While ETC tutoring is not longer available, we are currently developing new tutoring relationships with a number of the Tacoma Public Schools.  This new partnership will not only benefit teachers and students in Tacoma, but will also provide Puget Sounds students with in-class experience tutoring youth from elementary through high school.  Currently our students are tutoring at Lincoln High School.  We also developing a new partnership with Peace Community Center in support of the tutoring programs they house.  If you are interested in tutoring, please contact  A tutoring application can be found here.