JuST: Justice & Service in Tacoma

JuST is geared toward first-year students and meets regularly to raise awareness about service opportunities and social justice issues around the community.  JuST fosters leaders that are globally aware and locally active. We engage pioneering students who are regularly involved in community service and attentive about social justice issues on campus.  The program exposes students to situations outside of their previous experience and provides a place to reflect upon and discuss those experiences.  Drawing from faculty, staff, older student leaders, student clubs, and community partners, JuST teaches the tools and background needed to be active and proactive in society.  We engage issues of race, class, sex, gender, homophobia, ability, religion, the relationship between service and social justice, and the systems that perpetuate inequality.

JuST meets every Tuesday in Commencement Hall Room 336 from 5-6 p.m.

For more information or to sign-up contact Sarah Shives at sshives@pugetsound.edu