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The student staff comprising Spirituality, Service, & Social Justice (SSSJ) located at the CIAC are encouraged to develop independent working styles through a philosophy based on team strength and mentoring. Our team is motivated to recruit community partners and help students fulfill volunteering and service related needs. We also invite organizations to contact us for volunteers and community event promotions.



Sarah Shives

Assistant Director of Spirituality, Service, & Social Justice


Student Staff

Holly RossOlivia Cadwell & Hannah Floren Community Partnerships

Betty Popenuck  Food Salvage Coordinator 

Amy Stromme & Sarah McKinley Kids Can Do! Coordinators 

Maddy Paskett  ETC Coordinator 

Kathryn FlyteChandler Barry & Tacey Smith Event Coordinators

Renee Meschi SSSJ Programs Assistant

Lisa Tucker Social Justice Coordinator

Jasmine Kaneshiro Hurley Community Service Scholar