Want to spend your Fall or Spring break doing something worthwhile?

Want to spend your Fall or Spring break doing something worthwhile?

Join the Office of Intercultural and Civic Engagement's Alternative Break program. This past Fall Break we engaged mass incarceration and the prison system. Coming in the spring we will be tackling the continued impacts of colonialism and empire on indigenous populations in Washington state. Email sbihl@pugetsound…

Alternative Breaks

Alternative Break ("Alt. Break" for short) is a unique service and social justice immersion program hosted by the Office of Spiritual Life and Civic Engagement during the fall and spring breaks.  Thematically based, Alt. Breaks provide students an opportunity to engage with a particular area of social justice and service on a deeper level than one-time lectures or community service events allow for.  During fall break, learn about what social justice issues are especially relevant in Tacoma and how they fit into broader nation-wide or global issues.  Spring break offers students the opportunity to build relationships, cultivate awareness of social justice and engage in reflection and solidarity with those we partner with for the break experience. 

Alt. Fall Break 2015 engaged the US justice system and endemic mass incarceration, taking a national perspective on the problem and a critical look at how it plays out in Pierce County.  This spring we will be engaging the on-going impacts of the historical violence and trauma of colonialism on Indigenous populations in Western Washington.  Click here for more information about the Spring 2016 Break Program.

Previous alternative break themes have included: Sustainable Food Justice, Justice and Service in Tacoma, Immigration and Citizenship, and Service in Seattle:  Engaging Poverty.

Interested in participating in a service program but unable to commit to an Alternative Break program? Join us for the MLK Day of Service, each year on the day before Spring semester commences.  To sign yourself or your campus group up for this year's MLK Day of Service, please submit the online registration form found here.