Study Abroad

General Eligibility Requirements for Study Abroad

  • Sophomore standing for spring or summer programs.
  • Junior standing for all other program.
  • Complete one year in residence before studying abroad.
  • Have no conduct or financial holds and be in good academic standing at the time of application.
    • If a student is on probation at the time of application, the student’s case will need to be reviewed by the International Education Committee (IEC).
  • Be enrolled on campus at Puget Sound the semester when applying and the semester before a student goes abroad.
  • To receive academic credit, students must select a program from the approved programs list.
  • Students must meet the minimum requirements for grade point average and prerequisite coursework as specified by the program to which they are applying.

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Application for Study Abroad
In order to provide the best service to students planning to study abroad, and to ensure that students make normal progress toward their degree, students wishing to study abroad are required to complete the following process:

  1. Meet with the International Programs staff to discuss study abroad plans (Howarth Hall, room 215).
  2. Meet with their academic advisor to review their transcript, academic progress, and their qualifications for the proposed study abroad program.
  3. Meet with a Student Financial Services (SFS) Consultant to review finances related to studying abroad.
  4. Complete the Puget Sound Application. This form is for Puget Sound approval to study abroad and is separate from the program specific application for study in particular study abroad programs. Puget Sound Applications are due on or before January 25, 2013, for all 2013-14 summer, fall, spring, and full-year programs. Students should consult with International Programs staff about individual program applications and deadlines.
  5. Attend an Application Meeting held in December 2012 or January 2013.
  6. Complete the Study Abroad Transfer Evaluation Request and submit it electronically to the Transfer Evaluator, Office of the Registrar. This form is due on February 15, 2013 for summer 2013 and fall 2013 programs and September 15, 2013, for spring 2014 programs. This form is available on the Registrar’s website under forms at: or from the International Programs website under Forms.
  7. Complete a Program Specific Application. Program Specific Applications are due on February 22, 2013, for summer 2013 and fall 2013 programs and May 4, 2013, for spring 2014 programs.

The University of Puget Sound has a policy for cancellation or withdrawal of approval of study abroad programs based on security and/or health risks. Students should check with the Office of International Programs for details of the policy.

For students applying to the Pacific Rim program; the Passau, Germany program; the Dijon, France program; the Qaxaca, Mexico program; the ILACA Granada, Spain program; the Kyoto, Japan program; the Tunghai, Taiwan program; or Puget Sound faculty-lead programs; students are selected for participation based on their cumulative grade point average, grades in the appropriate foreign language (where applicable), the strength of the required essays, required letters of recommendation, an evaluation of the transcript and of discipline records, and other information provided in the application and university records. The final decision regarding admission to and participation in specific programs rests with the Director of International Programs, the host institutions abroad, and the University of Puget Sound faculty and staff affiliated with the program. After students have been selected,  Puget Sound reserves the authority to deny participation in study abroad when students’ actions either on or off campus raise questions regarding their readiness for an international study experience or are prepared to represent the university appropriately. If the de-selection process is initiated, the student will be notified in writing and have the opportunity to present his or her case to the Study Abroad Selection Committee prior to their final decision.

The current list of Puget Sound-supported study abroad programs can be found on the International Programs website:


Adding a Program to the Approved Program List
If a desired program is not a Puget Sound Approved Program, the student must first discuss procedures and the timeline for adding a program in advance with the Director of International Programs.  The student should then consult with a faculty member whose field of expertise aligns with the central purpose of the desired program or of the student’s prospective foreign study. The student should expect to do background research on the program and should be prepared to make a case to the faculty member for adding the program to the university’s approved list. A faculty member may also propose a program in her or his areas of expertise without a specific student request. Either a student or a faculty member may contact the Director of International Programs at any time for details about the process of proposing a new program. The application deadline is October 1 the year prior to participation in the study abroad program. In all cases, proposals for adding a program to the approved list must be completed and approval granted before any student undertakes study in that program.

Upon receiving a positive recommendation from an appropriate faculty member and any accompanying materials, the Director of International Programs will request a report from the Office of the Registrar on the program.  The Director may consult with appropriate department chairs or others knowledgeable about the quality of study abroad programs. The Director will then make a recommendation for approval or non-approval to the International Education Committee (IEC) and the Associate Dean, pointing out any particular strengths or concerns.  Any foreign language or literature instruction course in the proposed study abroad program must have the approval of the Foreign Languages and Literature Department.

The IEC and the Associate Dean will review the proposal and the program, applying the following criteria:

  1. The program is of strong academic merit and consistent with the liberal arts mission of Puget Sound.
  2. Summer programs must offer at least six weeks of instruction.  The IEC and Curriculum Committee may approve shorter programs that are compatible with the university’s educational goal and meet its academic standards.
  3. The program is non-competitive with a current Puget Sound study abroad program.
  4. Facilities for the program, including housing, classrooms, and on-site or local libraries, must be adequate to permit a successful academic experience and to ensure the health and safety of the students.

When evaluating a proposed study abroad program the IEC will consider, wherever possible, qualifications of instructors and the director of the program, course syllabi and other curriculum documents, the accrediting institution, facilities, opportunities for interaction with the host culture, and health and safety issues.


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Residence Credit and Study Abroad

Students graduating from the University of Puget Sound must satisfy residence requirements to include the completion of at least 16 total units, 4 units in a major, 3 units of a minor, and the last 8.00 units in residence. Students participating in approved study abroad programs may apply their approved program courses to university residence requirements. Some majors and minor, however, have published restrictions in the Bulletin on the amount of transfer credit applicable to a major and minor.

All students going on study abroad programs are required to attend a pre-departure session during the semester prior to studying abroad.

In the spirit of providing our students with the most comprehensive information on our study abroad programs, and recognizing the invaluable perspectives possessed by program participants, the university requires all returning study abroad students to complete an evaluation of their program. These evaluations not only serve as valuable resources to prospective study abroad students as they research their options, but they also provide essential information to the Office of International Programs for monitoring the quality of these programs. For these reasons, returning study abroad students are required to submit an evaluation of their program to the Office of International Programs the semester they return to campus. If the evaluation is not received by mid-term of the semester following the return to campus, the Director of International Programs may request of the Registrar that a hold be placed on the student’s registration, academic record, or diploma.

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Eligibility for Financial Aid and Scholarships
Students are charged Puget Sound tuition and fees for their study abroad program.  If the program includes housing and meals, the student will also be charged the Puget Sound rate for housing and meals. Students will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and demonstrate financial need may use, in conjunction with federal and state aid, their Puget Sound scholarships and grants up to their level of financial need.  Students who do not complete the FAFSA or do not demonstrate financial need are not eligible for Puget Sound scholarships during their semester abroad.  Work study benefits are not transferable to the study abroad program charge.

For assistance in determining your unique financial aid eligibility for study abroad, please contact Student Financial Services.

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