Service for Persons with Disabilities

The University of Puget Sound is committed to providing program access and appropriate support services to students with disabilities. Support services may be provided for qualified individuals with learning disorders such as dyslexia or attention deficit disorder, and for those with chronic physical or psychiatric disorders. Students may identify a disability and request accommodations in the admission process, through academic advising, or by contacting the Coordinator of Student Accessibility and Accommodations. Declaration of a disability is confidential and is not automatically a request for support services. Detailed information about disabilities services may be obtained on the Web at

The university strives to provide reasonable accommodations based on individual needs. Support services may include disabled parking, fully accessible campus housing, pre-admission interviews, wheelchair accessibility map, alternative testing, taped or large-print materials, extended time for taking examinations, note-takers, auxiliary aids, advising, mediation, and advocacy. Accommodations such as extended time on exams require documentation which is current, thorough, and appropriate. Students must provide adequate notice in requesting accommodations.

Grievance Process

A student who disagrees with an accommodation decision made by the Coordinator of Student Accessibility and Accommodations can appeal that decision to the Director of the Center for Writing, Leaning, and Teaching or to an Associate Academic Dean.  If such an informal attempt to resolve the disagreement fails, the student may file a formal written complaint to the Associate Vice President for Business Services (ADA/504 Officer), who will chair a Hearing Board consisting of the Associate Dean of Students, the chair of the Academic Standards Committee, the AAO/ Title IX Officer, and a student selected by the Hearing Board in consultation with the ASUPS president.  The Hearing Board will then meet with the complainant, the Coordinator of Student Accessibility and Accommodations, and any other involved faculty or staff members relevant to the complaint. The final decision will be determined by the Board in a closed session and communicated in writing to the complainant and to the Coordinator of Student Accessibility and Accommodations.

Students may also file a grievance directly with the U.S. Office of Civil Rights; U.S. Department of Education; 915 Second Avenue; Seattle, WA 98174-1099; 206.220.7900; TDD 206.220.7907; or by email at

Questions or concerns about access or qualifying for support services should be directed to Ivey West, Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching, Howarth Hall, room 105, 253.879.2692, TDD 253.879.3399, or by email at