International Students

United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) regulations require international students to register for courses subject to the specific requirements for maintenance of their visa. Please contact the Office of International Programs [Howarth Hall, room 215; 253.879.2871] for further information.

International Student Regulations (F-1 Visa)

Students attending the university on an F-1 visa must follow certain regulations to remain in good standing with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The university must enforce such regulations to maintain its approval from the government to enroll F-1 students.

Enrollment requirements for an F-1 student include a minimum of 3.00 units per semester, except for Summer Session when attendance is optional. Enrollment is counted at the end of each add period to determine compliance. Further, an F-1 student must successfully complete 3.00 units per semester to maintain normal progress toward a degree. W (withdrawal), WF (withdrawal failing), F (fail), and I (incomplete) grades do not count as courses completed successfully.

Any F-1 student who fails to register for a minimum of 3.00 units or who fails to complete 3.00 units per semester for two consecutive semesters or three total semesters will be subject to dismissal from the university and may be reported to the USCIS.

The university may report F-1 students to the USCIS for the following reasons: (1) a failure to register at Puget Sound by the end of add period if the student used a Puget Sound I-20 to enter the United States or to secure permission to transfer schools; (2) termination of attendance at Puget Sound during the semester for any reason except illness; (3) failure to attend classes to the extent normally required; (4) failure to report one’s Admission Number and current address to the International Student Advisor; and (5) failure to return to Puget Sound for the next semester (except summer) unless the student has graduated or has followed USCIS procedure to transfer schools. The university will report to the USCIS any F-1 student against whom disciplinary action is taken as a result of his or her conviction of a crime.

All international students and scholars are required to have medical insurance coverage for the duration of their studies in the United States. Please contact the Office of International Programs in Howarth Hall (Room 215, 253.879.3652) for further information on coverage requirements and to receive a copy of the International Student Handbook.

 International students are not allowed to take a formal leave of absence from the university unless they will be out of the country and have obtained prior approval from the director of International Programs.

J-1 Exchange students and scholars are required to follow similar regulations.