Classification of Students

Because 32.00 units are needed for graduation, 8.00 units per year on average should be completed in order to earn 32.00 units in four years.

Class standings are defined as follows:

Undergraduate Student
A student who is a matriculated candidate for a baccalaureate degree and is classified as:

  • Freshman
    A student with fewer than 7.00 units earned toward a degree.
  • Sophomore
    A student with at least 7.00 but fewer than 15.00 units earned toward a degree.
  • Junior
    A student with at least 15.00 but fewer than 23.00 units earned toward a degree.
  • Senior
    A student with at least 23.00 units earned toward a degree.

A student with at least a baccalaureate degree, enrolled in courses to complete another baccalaureate degree, to complete pre-requisites for graduate or professional school, or to accumulate additional credit.

Graduate Degree Candidate
A student who is admitted with graduate standing and is granted candidacy by the Director of Graduate Study into a master’s or doctoral degree.

A student who is not a candidate for a degree, including someone who is only auditing courses. A non-matriculant must complete a Non-Matriculant Registration Agreement, which may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar, prior to enrollment. No more than 3.00 units taken as a non-matriculant will apply toward an undergraduate degree.

A temporary status describing a student who has applied for admission into a degree program, and whose application is incomplete or subject to a condition.