Academic Re-Evaluation Policy

Academic Re-Evaluation is initiated by the Office of Admission in order to permit the admission or readmission of a student who normally would not be admitted to the University of Puget Sound. The policy is applied to the non-traditional student who, due to an earlier unsuccessful attempt at college, has a cumulative GPA below 2.00, has been out of school for at least five years and has indicated the readiness and potential to successfully resume an academic program. Upon recommendation of the Office of Admission and concurrence by the student involved, a petition may be submitted to the Academic Standards Committee for admission under the Academic Re-evaluation Policy. The Academic Standards Committee will determine if admission is warranted. If there is an affirmative decision, the Academic Standards Committee will drop from consideration in the grade point average and the academic standing all courses with grades lower than C (2.00), to include P (pass) grades, contained in the student’s previous academic program. Students should be aware that there will be a loss of credit for all courses dropped from consideration in the GPA.

Students entering the university under this policy will be accepted as regular matriculants and assigned to an advisor. Students whose petitions are approved will have the conditions of admission outlined in a letter from the Office of Admission, copies of which will be sent to the Office of Academic Advising and to the advisor. The Office of Academic Advising monitors these students for the first semester and consults with the Academic Standards Committee if problems arise.