Spring Orientation Schedule of Events

Welcome to Puget Sound
We are delighted that you are joining the academic community at Puget Sound this spring. We congratulate you again on your admission and hope you find the information on this web page useful! If you have any questions about your arrival on campus or our Spring Orientation day please contact Marta Palmquist Cady in the Student Activities Office at 253.879.3317 or by email at mpalmquist@pugetsound.edu.

Spring Orientation Day 2015  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Student Orientation begins on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 9:00am in the Murray Boardroom.  It is an open event throughout the day where we plan on sharing the many activities that we have to offer you as new students throughout the first ten days of the spring semester.  Here is the schedule for the next nine days of Spring Orientation 2015.

  • Come at 9:00am before you start class that day and we will have coffee and light snacks to start your day! 
  • At 12:00pm, we will have a lunch buffet for you and a presentation by our Advising and Registrar’s Office. 
  • Finally, at 5:30 we will provide a light dinner prior to attending  the 29th Annual Martin Luther King Celebration at 7pm in Schneenbeck Concert Hall. Our MLK Celebration program this year will include messages from various Puget Sound community members, live music, and keynote lecture from scholar and activist; Rosa Clemente. 

So plan on stopping by the Murray Boardroom in the Wheelock Student Center on January 20th either at 9am or 12:00pm or 5:30pm, get some food, a schedule of events that will occur through January 30th and a hearty Welcome to our Puget Sound community.  

Wednesday, January 21st 4pm to 4:30pm

  • Library Session in Library 118

Peggy Burge, Humanities Librarian & Information Literacy Coordinator, Eli Gandour-Rood, Science Librarian and Liz Roepke, our Peer Research Advisor

Thursday, January 22nd 3:30pm WSC 202

  • Advice Session—Professor Mike Valentine
  • Melanie Schaffer—Senior—4:45pm to 5:15pm  Meet in Diversions Café—Free Coffee or Snack! 


Friday, January 23rd 2pm to 2:30pm

  • Lisa Tucker—Senior  Meet in Diversions Café—Free Coffee or Snack! 

Monday, January 26th 1pm to 2pm WSC 202

  • Registrar and Advising—Kelli Delaney and Colleen Mitchell
  • Krista Silva—Transfer PA/Senior—2:00pm to 2:30pm Meet in Diversions Café—Free Coffee or Snack! 
  • Library Session in Library 118—4pm to 4:30pm
    Peggy Burge, Humanities Librarian & Information Literacy Coordinator, Eli Gandour-Rood, Science Librarian and Liz Roepke, our Peer Research Advisor

Tuesday, January 26th at 4:30pm WSC 202

  • Green Dot Persuasive Speech—Sexual Assault Prevention at Puget Sound

Wednesday, January 28th at 4pm WSC 202

  • Writing as Thinking Session—Professor Mike Valentine

Thursday, January 29th

  • Shawnie Crump—Senior 10am to 10:30am Meet in Diversions Café—Free Coffee or Snack! 
  • Emma Spalding—Senior 4pm to 4:30pm Meet in Diversions Café—Free Coffee or Snack! 

Friday, January 30th

  • Lee Pennebaker—Senior  12 to 12:30pm Meet in Diversions Café—Free Coffee or Snack! 
  • ASUPS Clubfest Marshall Hall—4pm to 7pm

 Orientation is important at the University of Puget Sound. Our goals include the following:

  • To Challenge you: There will be opportunities for you to experience the campus as an intellectually engaged community.
  • To build Connection: You will be able to develop a good sense of the many informal and formal groups with which you can affiliate in the classroom, in residence halls, and in various campus activities.
  • To develop your sense of Comfort: You will learn your way around the campus and experience both a welcome into the community and a sense of campus norms and culture.

What To Do At Puget Sound as a New Student

Click on links below for Information about a number of a activities you can be involved in as you start your career at Puget Sound.