Prelude--Orientation Week Academic Activities

At Puget Sound, a liberal arts education is an adventure. Prelude, a day-long series of intensive small-group workshops, prepares you for it by introducing the skills you'll develop along the way: close reading that promotes careful observation as the basis for analysis; writing as a means of discovering rather than reporting ideas; and collaborative inquiry with peers and faculty that seeks diverse perspectives to reach fresh insights. You will come away with a clearer understanding of the learning skills you will continue to build wherever your particular journey leads. Bon voyage! 

 All new students participate in a variety of academic activities during Orientation Week. These activities include:


An all-day series of small-group seminars that introduces you to the university's discussion-based classroom environment, and the essential reading, writing, and speaking skills that serve as the foundation for a liberal arts education.  

Ideas as Work and Play

A dinner event where faculty members present research on topics that are of particular interest to their fields.  After learning about Prelude, Passages and Perspectives you may log-on to your cascade account to complete the Orientation registration forms.  On those forms you can select your choices for the Ideas as Work and Play workshops.  

Advising and Registration

You will meet with your peer advisor, attend the Academic Fair (which highlights various courses of study available at the university), consult with your faculty advisor, and register for fall classes. Further details can be found on the advising and seminars page.  If you have questions regarding registration and advising, please e-mail the Office of Academic Advising or call them at 253.879.3250.