Perspectives is the on-campus segment of the Orientation process that cultivates a welcoming and home-making experience for new students. Perspectives is ultimately a play on words because it truly provides a multitude of new perspectives for the recently arrived students. These new perspectives that are developed can range from recognizing the importance of diversity on the Puget Sound campus to seeing what life is like in the nearby Tacoma area.

This part of the Orientation process gives new students an opportunity to have any registration questions answered. New students will receive input from their Perspectives Leaders, their Peer Advisors, as well as their Academic Advisors during the days leading up to academic registration. Because of the appointments and informative conversations that happen during Perspectives, new students will feel prepared, aware, and well-advised when they register for classes.

The Perspectives program allows for the new Puget Sound students to become better acquainted with the Tacoma area. This happens through participation in community service at various venues in the Tacoma area, sustainable group activities that can include cupcakes, Pt. Defiance Park, and various other fun endeavors, as well as watching The Campus Life Skit, which is a remarkably fun way to better one's knowledge of the Puget Sound area.


Programs Include:

  • Urban Plunge Community Service Day
  • Introduction to Campus Life via Campus Life Skit
  • I Am Puget Sound Diversity Presentation
  • Freshman Off-Campus Group Activities
  • Evening Entertainment