Orientation 2016 Coordinators

They are Puget Sound.

 megan Coord Pic

Megan Schowalter


Perspectives Co-Coordinator 

Hometown: Yakima, Wa but Minnesotan at heart!

Major: Science, Technology, and Society with Spanish Minor

Fun Fact: Loves long walks in the rain, cheesy love stories, and ALL jokes

 Zoe Coord Pic

 Zoe Scott


Perspectives Co-Coordinator 

Hometown: Chandler, AZ

Major: Natural Sciences with Biology Emphasis

Fun Fact: Loves sloths more than LIFE and one day hopes to assimilate into the sloth life in the trees of Costa Rica. 

Greg Coord Pic

Greg Shipman


Passages Co-Coordinator 

Hometown: Bend, OR

Major: Communication Studies with Minors in African American Studies and Politics and Government 

Fun Fact: Specializes in Dad Jokes and knows the entire U.S. Constitution by heart

Sophie Coord Pic

Sophie Grossman


Passages Co-Coordinator 

Hometown: Danville, CA

Major: International Business and Religion Double Major

Fun Fact: Thinks she was Walt Disney in a past life and and can recite the script of Tangled by heart