Native American Student Association

Native American Student Association (NASA) is dedicated to the enrichment and growth of all Native groups through communication with outside cultures. We not only encourage Natives to join, but we welcome non-Natives as well. We hope by teaching about our various, unique cultures, stereotypes will be disregarded, questions will be answered, and our rich culture will thrive. We meet Tuesdays at 7pm in the Student Diversity Center.

Having NASA on campus helps create a welcoming community to Puget Sound Native American and non-Native students who are searching for a sense of belonging that also lets them explore their heritage and/or the heritage of others.  Through NASA students can learn about Native American cultures through the many events, gain leadership skills by taking on club roles and organizing events, and make new friendships.

NASA was one of the first clubs I joined on campus and was definitely the most welcoming.   I wanted to celebrate and learn more about my own heritage as well as other Native American groups.  I immediately felt at home which was nice for a freshman in a totally new environment.  I enjoyed participating in NASA’s events and I have never been so proud to be a Native American.  Since then I have become more involved not only in NASA but other places on campus.  Through participating in NASA I have become a more confident person and I am learning to shape and develop my leadership qualities." - Layla Logsdon '13, NASA Co-President

On-Campus Activities

  • Anti-Columbus Day Campaign An educational campaign about the myths and realities of Christopher Columbus
  • Columbus Day Discussion
  • Native Movie Night and discussion led by NASA leadership
  • Native Beadwork Night
  • Friday Frybread Wee Hours Event
  • Swil Kanim - the Violindian performance
  • Native Pride Dancers of Clover Park School District performance

Off-Campus Activities  The outside (off-campus) community is very important to us. We go on plenty of Pow-Wow trips all over the state of Washington. We are also involved in various community service projects that target the environment and community of Tacoma.

Club Leadership

The club officers for the 2010-2011 academic year are Co-Presidents Angelina Nockai ( and Layla Logsdon (, and Treasurer Louise Blake.

Photo Gallery

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