Student Diversity Center (SDC) By-Laws

Governance and Staffing

The Center is a program of the Division of Student Affairs. The Student Diversity Center Governing Council (hereafter referred to as Governing Council) consists of two representatives selected by each of the Center’s member groups. Responsibilities of members of the Governing Council include: attending weekly Governing Council meetings; sharing information about their organization’s activities and programs; distributing information from Council meetings to their organization’s officers and members; planning and participating in Diversity Center programs; and interviewing Student Coordinator candidates.

The Governing Council may select a faculty and/or staff advisor. The Director of Intercultural Engagement is a non-voting member of the Governing Council and serves in an advisory capacity.

The Director of Intercultural Engagement retains supervisory authority over the budget and the facility and is responsible for ensuring that the Center and the Governing Council are in compliance with this governing document. The Director is also responsible for developing job descriptions for the paid positions and for the annual review of the Center.

Student Coordinators

The Center is staffed by two Student Coordinators who are chosen by the Governing Council. Student Coordinators’ responsibilities include: maintaining the study and meeting spaces of the Center to insure that the Center is open on a regular basis; coordinating member groups’ weekly meeting times; maintaining the master schedule and calendar for use of the Center; convening weekly meetings of the Governing Council; organizing Center-sponsored events; monitoring use of resources in the Center’s library; maintaining the SDC website and develop web-related resources; meeting regularly with the Director of Intercultural Engagement; and assisting with selection, training, and transition of new coordinators.

During the spring semester, the Governing Council interviews some or all of the Student Coordinator candidates after a possible screening process facilitated by the Director of Intercultural Engagement, in the event there is the need to narrow the number of applicants. An outgoing Student Coordinator (or the Director if both current coordinators are applicants for the following year) facilitates discussion of the candidates’ merits and challenges, followed by election of two candidates by Governing Council members.

The Director of Intercultural Engagement has the authority to approve or veto the Governing Council’s choice. The Director makes the offer of employment and supervises the Student Coordinators.

The Centers’ day-to-day operations and programs will be overseen by the Student Coordinators and the Governing Council.


All students at Puget Sound are welcome to participate in the Center. Member groups historically have been under-represented in higher education and/or under-represented at the University of Puget Sound. Campus student groups may petition the Governing Council for membership in the Center. Petitions must be presented in person at a Governing Council meeting.

New groups may be accepted by a two-thirds vote of a quorum of Governing Council members. For the purposes of membership, quorum will exist when at least two-thirds of the groups belonging to the Student Diversity Center are represented. The Director has the authority to approve or veto the Governing Council’s decisions. Appeals by the petitioning group may be made to the Dean of Students. Groups may withdraw from the Student Diversity Center by a vote of their membership.

Budget and Resources

Funds for the Center are provided by the Division of Student Affairs and are managed by the Director of Intercultural Engagement.

Some of the student groups that are members of the Center are also recognized and/or registered by ASUPS. As such, they may receive funding and programmatic support; their memberships must be open to all members of the student body; and they must have a faculty or staff advisor.

Non-ASUPS recognized or registered member groups must raise their own programming funds and are encouraged to have a staff or faculty advisor.

The Center is housed in a facility owned and furnished by the university.

Public Relations and Fund-Raising by the Center

Fund-raising activities engaged in by the Center may take place only upon approval of the Director of Intercultural Engagement prior to publication. Any solicitations must be approved by the Dean of Students or Associate Vice President of University Relations.


The Center, its programs and governing documents will be reviewed by the Director of Intercultural Engagement in consultation with the Governing Council and member groups on a periodic basis.

Amendment or Revision

No amendment or revision may be made to this document without review by the Governing Council and the Director of Intercultural Engagement and the approval of the Dean of Students.