Multicultural Programming Fund


The Multicultural Programming Fund (MPF) is intended to support students of the University of Puget Sound community in developing multicultural programs and activities that promote multiculturalism. The MPF provides monetary resources to student organizations and groups that organize campus events that explore multicultural issues and enhance intercultural awareness of students.


To be eligible, you must be a University of Puget Sound student, student group, or ASUPS recognized student organization.

Committee Priority

The Committee will give the highest priority to proposals that demonstrate:

  • Emphasis on diversity, equity, cross-cultural learning, and social justice.
  • Creative and innovative approach that engages students in the multicultural learning process.
  • Collaboration across campus with student organizations, academic departments, and off-campus community-based groups.
  • Involvement of a large number of Puget Sound students.
  • Thorough planning in logistics, financial details, and assessment.


The maximum amount of funding that may be approved from MPF is $200 per event, and granted funds will be available immediately.

Funding Requirements

  • Applications must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • Please fill out you application via the link at the bottom of this page.

  • Applications for multiple events will be accepted, but each event requires a separate application.

Funding Restrictions

The MPF Committee will NOT accept applications for:

  • Programs involving alcohol.
  • Programs that take place off campus and do not involve the Puget Sound community.
  • Individual and/or group travel, except for presenters brought to a campus for a specific activity.
  • Entertainment expenses that do not have a clearly defined educational component.
  • Purchasing of permanent equipment (cameras, sound systems, etc.) and costumes/props for performances.
  • Printing costs for advertisement.
  • Stipends to university employees.

 Application and Funding Information

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis during the school year.
  • A member of the group(s) requesting funding may be asked to respond to follow-up questions regarding the proposal via email or in person with the Committee.
  • The Committee will notify within 1 week of submitting your request. Notification of the Committee’s decision will be via e-mail, sent to the group’s contact person.
  • MPF recipients must complete and return an MPF evaluation form no later than 2 weeks after the program is held.
  • Please inform the Committee if you need to postpone or cancel your program.

For application, Multicultural Programming Fund Application.