Seeking Funds for a Speaker Program

The Dean maintains a Co-curricular Fund to provide money for one-time events or programs that are student-initiated and that occur on campus. Although the Co-curricular Fund is limited, we want to provide support to as many groups and individuals as possible. We also encourage individuals and groups to seek funding from other sources such as ASUPS, the diversity fund, academic departments, clubs, organizations, fundraising projects and personal contributions.

To make a request for Co-curricular Fund support, please fill out the request request form or provide the following information in an email message to or on a sheet of paper submitted to the Dean's office at least two weeks before the program or event is scheduled to take place.

  1. Name of group or individual requesting funds:
  2. Program or activity to be funded:
  3. Date of activity:
  4. Description of how the proposed activity will enhance the campus community:
  5. Total amount of money requested:
  6. Detailed budget of proposed expenditures:
  7. Other sources of funding for this activity:
  8. Account number into which funds are to be transferred (Transfer will be made after the event has occurred or receipts have been received.):

Priority will be given to those requests which:

  • Represent a coalition of groups or individuals
  • Have other sources of funding
  • Target the whole campus, not just one subgroup
  • Reach a large number of students
  • Include an educational aspect