Readmission Petition Assistance

A student who has been academically dismissed may petition for readmission. One step in that process is contacting a staff member in the Office of the Dean of Students. That staff member must make a recommendation to the committee regarding readmission. A recommendation from the student's academic advisor is also required. In addition, the petitioning student must work with the Academic Advising office to complete a comprehensive plan for academic improvement. Here are points which should be included in the student's plan. Other data pertinent to the petition, such as, letters of support or medical statements from doctors may also be provided.

  1. Address the problem(s) which caused the poor academic performance.
  2. Explain how the problem(s) will be rectified and indicate any support systems which will facilitate a return to academic work; for example, explain a change in living situation or planned use of the Center for Writing, Learning and Teaching.
  3. Provide a proposed schedule of courses for at least the next year including a rationale for repeating (or not repeating) courses in which unsatisfactory grades were received.
  4. Indicate any specific persons from whom help will be sought if problems occur during the term or any arrangements set for review of academic progress.
  5. Address the reasons for continuing or changing academic major, career goals or other plans.
  6. Include an Academic Performance Agreement which has been completed with an academic advisor, or the Academic Advising Office.