Group Offerings for Fall 2014

Additional groups will be organized based upon expressed interest and need once classes resume in the fall

Between the Lines (LGBTQ Group)

However you identify, this group will help you discover or clarify how you’re living your identity and how you can move towards living it the way you want to. This group will be a safe, positive, supportive group of peers meeting each week to explore and discuss the experiences, ideas, challenges, and joys of being LGBTQ. Through authentically engaging with others on similar paths, you will gain insight into your own way of being and learn more about how you want to grow and develop as an LGBTQ person.  Together we will challenge each other to think differently, grow in new ways, and become even more ourselves. Between the Lines will be offered Wednesdays from 5:15-6:30pm. Please contact Donn Marshall or CHWS at 253.879.1555 for more information.

Survivors of Sexual Assault Support Group

Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services is offering a safe and confidential place to talk about your experiences, then and now.

You will give and receive support while enhancing your ability to navigate challenges and the aftermath of sexual assault. Our focus is on empowerment and providing support to each other. The group will be meeting in CHWS on Thursdays from 3:30-5 p.m. starting 10/16/14. If you are interested, please contact the CHWS front desk at 253.879.1555 to schedule a brief screening.


Interested in Joining a Therapy Group?

Stop by CHWS or call the front desk (253.879.1555) to get more information.