Group Offerings for Spring 2014

Between the Lines (LGBTQ Group)

However you identify, this group will help you discover or clarify how you’re living your identity and how you can move towards living it the way you want to. This group will be a safe, positive, supportive group of peers meeting each week to explore and discuss the experiences, ideas, challenges, and joys of being LGBTQ. Through authentically engaging with others on similar paths, you will gain insight into your own way of being and learn more about how you want to grow and develop as an LGBTQ person.  Together we will challenge each other to think differently, grow in new ways, and become even more ourselves. Please contact Donn Marshall or Khalila Fordham for more information, date and time.

Stress Management Workshop Series

Feeling stressed out? Want to learn ways to cope effectively? Check out the Stress Management Workshop series sponsored by CHWS!

This workshop series is offered on a drop-in basis. It is focused on developing healthy living practices to reduce stress and anxiety, while increasing a sense of well-being and balance in your life. Professionals in each of these respective areas will present on these important topics each week. Please join us! The workshop is held on Tuesday afternoons from 2 – 2:50 p.m. in WSC 201 beginning on February 11. The workshops are led by Charee Boulter, Ph.D., and Tony Davis, M.A. See the tentative schedule below:

  • 2/11 Time Management Skills
  • 2/18 Strategies to Feel Well Rested
  • 2/25 Beneficial Effects of Floatation Tanks for Relaxation
  • 3/4 Managing Test Anxiety and  Strategies to Maximize Your Learning
  • 3/11 Benefits of Healthy Posture and Creating a Study Area to Maximize Energy and Concentration

Mindfulness Meditation Group

This group is offered in a drop-in, informal format and is focused on guided meditation practice. It is appropriate for the beginner or the seasoned meditator. Whether you want to use meditation to simply relax, build awareness and insight, or explore a specific problem, please join us! The group is held on Tuesday evenings from 5:15 – 6:00 in the Gail Day Chapel upstairs in Kilworth Memorial Chapel beginning on Feb 4th. The group is led by Tony Davis, M.A. and Katie Diershaw, M.S. Each week will offer a different meditation. Please see the schedule below. If you have any questions about the group, please feel free to contact Tony Davis at ext.2847 or Katie Diershaw at ext.2783. 

Tentative Mediation schedule 

  • Feb 4: Meditation on the breath
  • Feb 11: Confidence in the breath
  • Feb 18: Pleasant imagery
  • Feb 25: Body scan
  • March 4: Sitting meditation
  • March 11: Forgiveness
  • April 1: Loving-kindness
  • April 8: Compassion
  • April 15: Body appreciation/body image
  • April 22: Sympathetic joy
  • April 29: Equanimity


Interested in Joining a Therapy Group?

Stop by CHWS or call the front desk (253.879.1555) to get more information.