Decrease Your Risk Training

An interactive educational workshop on alcohol and other drugs. The program is based on a philosophy of harm reduction and the primary goal is to empower participants to make healthy decisions about their use of alcohol and/or other drugs.

DYRT participants have the opportunity to consider the desired and undesired effects of substance use. Strategies for increasing desired effects and decreasing undesired and negative effects are discussed. Basic information about Washington laws is provided, as substance related citations/arrests are frequently classified as "undesirable." Students learn to recognize potential overdose and how to respond to such a crisis. Additionally, information on campus and community resources is provided should any participants desire to seek additional assistance.

If you are interested in attending a DYRT workshop to learn more about alcohol and other drugs, please contact Charee Boulter in CHWS at 253.879.3955 or Brandi Lindberg-Lund in the Associate Dean of Students office at 253.879.3322. The DYRT workshop is often required for students completing a conduct sanction due to a violation of the University's integrity code. If you are required to participate in DYRT please contact Brandi Lindberg-Lund at 253.879.3322 to find when the next available workshop will be.