Training Activity Plan

Interns engage in roughly 40 hours of activity each week at CHWS, 35 of which are structured. Choices for the remaining 5 hours are at the discretion of each intern, in consultation with the training staff. Actual time spent with each activity fluctuates across the year, of course.

Required Activities Hours per week Comments
Direct service: Psychotherapy
Ongoing intake interviews, individual and
couples therapy sessions, crisis intervention as-needed
Direct service: Walk-in clinic coverage 2  
Direct service: Assessment
Sub abuse, suicide, anger/impulse
Direct service: Support or therapy group 1.5

Total hours direct service = 20

Documentation 5  
Review of Practicum Counselor notes and tapes 1  

Clinical supervision of a Practicum Counselor

Supervision of your individual psychotherapy 2  
Supervision of your group therapy .5  
Supervision of your supervision 1 Hours supervision received = 3.5*
Outreach and consultation . 5  
Intern Seminar and Case Conference
(Fall, Spring)
Diagnosis, Treatment, Diversity, Professional Issues
Intern Seminar: Advanced Practice Issues (Summer)
Counseling, Health and Wellness Staff meeting Including medical/psychology cross-training 1  
Psychology Staff meeting 1 Total hours didactic + meetings = 4
Subtotal: Required Activities 35  
Discretionary Activities
Dissertation/Professional Development   4 hrs/ week maximum on dissertation
Co-facilitate Decrease Your Risk Training: Substance abuse sanction group interventions    
Collaborate with medical staff on health education    
Co-advise student organization (ex: LGBT students)    
Additional group experience (as available)    
Additional prep for supervision of Prac Counselor    
Additional program development or outreach    
Additional experience with assessment of substance abuse, suicide risk or anger management    
Create opportunities for your Developing Specialty    
CHWS administrative project creation (Summer)    
Program evaluation data for Division of Student Affairs    
University committee (Ex: Diversity Theme Year)    
Subtotal: Discretionary Activities 5  
Total minimum training activity per week 40  

* Interns average more than 3.5 hours of supervisory per week if we consider the many informal consultations that occur as we collaborate on crisis response, outreach workshops, group screening interviews, case presentations and the like.

Please note that there are other activities not listed above that occur on a monthly basis: Practicum Case Conferences, Division of Student Affairs meetings, training meetings with TD, and consult meetings with the Registered Dietitian just to name a few.