Katie Diershaw

Katherine DiershawDoctoral Psychology Intern

Katherine Diershaw, M.S. is a mental health therapist from Pacific University. She is currently completing her doctoral internship at Counseling, Health and Wellness Services. She has experience working in variety of settings including university counseling, community mental health, and juvenile forensics.

Katherine’s clinical interests include working with clients to address anxiety disorders, trauma, ADHD, suicidality, and working with LGBTQ identified individuals. Her developing specialty at Puget Sound is Gender and Sexual Identity Development. Katherine’s research has focused on anxiety disorder and trauma treatment, stalking in university aged populations, suicidality, and professional ethics. She is passionate about social justice and enjoys participating in volunteer, educational, and outreach activities.

Katherine’s orientation is Integrative, drawing from Cognitive Behavioral, Gestalt, Attachment, and Mindfulness-based therapies. She emphasizes a holistic perspective on health and focuses on working collaboratively with clients to assist them in developing patterns of growth that are driven by client values, achieving balance, and creating meaning.