Khalila Fordham

Kahlila FordhamDoctoral Psychology Intern

Khalila is currently completing her pre-doctoral internship as part of her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Georgia School of Professional Psychology in Atlanta. She recently completed her dissertation which focused on intraracial discrimination and its impact on racial identity development.

Khalila has worked within a range of environments from college counseling centers to the department of juvenile justice. Her areas of clinical interest include identity and personality development, human sexuality and identity, cultural diversity and discrimination, trauma recovery, as well as systems theory and intervention. She has an affinity for social justice and advocacy, in addition to public education and outreach. In addition to conducting therapy, Khalila has organized and facilitated outreach programs including stress management, healthy relationship maintenance, team building, and prejudice and discrimination reduction. Whenever possible she serves as an advocate and mentor for underrepresented and at-risk youth.

Khalila’s theoretical orientation is integrative, with foundations in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, person-centered, interpersonal, systems, and existential psychology. She also incorporates mindfulness techniques and encourages holistic approaches to well-being. Within therapy, Khalila strives to empower individuals as she assists them to relieve distressing symptoms, gain self-acceptance, and develop strengths.