Language Houses

Academic theme house programs available to continuing students include the five Language Houses (French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese). Language houses vary depending on student interest. This program provides students the opportunity to speak the targeted language in the house regularly, attend weekly conversation hours, and plan and attend program meetings and activities.

Theme House applications are available through the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, and through Residence Life. The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature will conduct interviews of all applicants, and assignments will be made prior to the housing lottery process in the spring.

The Language Houses have new furniture, purchased through the program coordinator, as well as some painting and other unique features not found in other university-owned student housing. The ratio of single bedrooms offered through this program is also a huge benefit.

Language houses are not included in the lottery.

1122 N. Lawrence

Bedrooms: 2 singles, 2 doubles
Bathrooms: one 3/4 & one 1/2 bath

Lots of windows in the living room, good-sized dining room and kitchen. Bedrooms are spacious. Fireplace and basement.


1123 N. Lawrence 

Bedrooms: 1 single, 2 doubles
Bathrooms: 1 & 1/2 baths

This is a 3 story house. Very roomy house with a nice living room, dining room and a large kitchen. Upstairs bath has no shower and there are small closets throughout the bedrooms.


1127 N. Lawrence 

Bedrooms: 4 singles, 1 double
Bathrooms: 1 full, 1 half

Medium-sized living room, with a large kitchen and dining room. Five reasonably-sized bedrooms and big front porch.


1128 N. Lawrence

Bedrooms: 4 singles
Bathrooms: 1 full

This is a two story house with a basement. Four reasonably sized bedrooms. A nice, medium-sized living room with a large kitchen. Big front porch.


1202 N. Lawrence

Bedrooms: 1 single, 2 doubles
Bathrooms: 1 full

House has a spacious living room, dining room and kitchen. Lots of sunlight comes in from the large windows throughout.