Humanities Seminar Floor

First Year students only

The Humanities Seminar Floor is an initiative which is being led by Dr. Robert Garratt, Professor of English and Director of the Humanities Program. Faculty members have teamed with the Department of Student Development to offer a residence house centered around two sections of the freshman seminar course, Humanities 120. This course, Crisis and Culture, provides freshmen with a writing intensive investigation of the way in which individuals and communities respond to cultural crisis and transformation. The evaluation each student receives for participation in the Humanities 120 course will be separate from their participation in theme activities. Involvement in all aspects of the program, however, will undoubtedly serve to enrich and expand the student's academic development.

This unique living environment permits first year students to extend knowledge gained in the classroom into other areas of their campus experience. The Project will offer residents cultural and educational opportunities on and off campus, in Tacoma, Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region. By living together students develop ideas introduced in the classroom and integrate those ideas into their daily experience creating connections which might not otherwise have occurred. Residents will benefit from high levels of faculty involvement and interaction. In addition, residents will develop a unique community based on a variety of shared experiences and interactions.