Commencement Hall

The university is thrilled to add to our campus community an innovative new residence hall, offering a sleek, modern design and attractive amenities. Commencement Hall is comprised of flat-style units for 9-14 students that each contain: single bedrooms, private bathrooms, full kitchens and great rooms, built in technology, and in-unit washers and dryers. With its central location and balance of independence and community, this new on-campus housing opportunity can’t be beat! 

Who is eligible to live here? This beautiful building is home to 135 students, predominantly of junior and senior standing, who are living and learning as a part of premiere academic-residential programs. Faculty-student partnerships drive these programs that include focuses on entrepreneurship, environmental policy and the outdoors, the humanities, international education and study abroad, and the honors program. Current students with sophomore standing and above have the opportunity to apply to live in one of five themed communities in this robust and engaging scholarly environment for the 2015-16 year. 

In addition to our themed flats, we will offer single rooms in Commencement at the Housing Selection on March 7th, 2015. You can sign up individually, or in a group. 


Michel Rocchi International District  

The Michel Rocchi International District offers an experiential living for students with an international focus. It is a home for those whose academic pursuits and interests include an international component, and for action-oriented upper division students. To live in one of these flats, you should want to live interactively with students that share the same interests.

This program also provides a home for study abroad students to orient themselves pre-departure and re-acclimate upon returning to Puget Sound. 

NOTE: If a future study-abroad student is applying to live in The Michel Rocchi International District in Commencement Hall they will apply as an individual and do not need to arrange with a partner to create a full year's contract.     

Applying to live in the Michel Rocchi International District for 2015-16? Contact Michel Rocchi, faculty sponsor, at, Wyatt 241, 253.879.3969. 

Entrepreneurship Flat

This is a flat for action-oriented people. Entrepreneurship is about solving problems in an innovative way. The problems entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs solve may be social problems, environmental problems or market-based problems. To live in this flat, you should want to work interactively with students from multiple disciplines and perspectives to change the world in some way, large or small. This creative, inclusive, action-oriented flat appeals to internally motivated, focused students who want to turn their passion into a business, a non-profit, a movement.  

Applying to live in the E-House for 2015-16? Questions about the application or living in E-House? Contact Professor Claire directly at, and check out the Tacoma Entrepreneur Network (TEN) website:

Environmental Outdoor Leadership Flat 

This flat was created to bring together juniors and seniors with different interests to create a community which inspires each other through your engagement on and off campus.  This flat brings together those interested in: environmental policy and decision making, environmental science, outdoor leadership, sustainability, environmental activism, natural history or experiential education.

Your flat is an amazing space to live, eat, and hang out in.  Your group will have a full kitchen to cook in while others will create a new community garden outside the hall. Each of you can follow your interests while being inspired by others interests.

Applying to live in the Environmental Outdoor Leadership Community for 2015-16?  Questions about the application or living in the Environmental Outdoor Leadership Flat?  Contact Justin Canny, Assistant Director for Outdoor Programs, at, 253.879.3317, or visit his office at 3209 N. 15th.  You may also contact Dan Sherman, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, at, 253.879.2862, or visit his office in Wyatt 232.  

Humanities Residential Program

This dynamic program provides a residential learning experience for students interested in the ways that ideas find expression through the arts. Residents represent all academic majors, including those in the natural and social sciences, but have in common a special interest in the arts (literary, theatrical, visual, aural) and their relationship to history, philosophy, and religion. Many students minor in the Humanities, although this is not a residential requirement.

The Humanities Residential Program will be housed in Regester for those first-year students who take Humanities 132, “The Scientific and Romantic Revolutions” (fall semester, 2014), while non-first year students interested in the Humanities will have the option to live in Commencement in the Humanities Flat.

Humanities flat students participate in a variety co-curricular activities that expose them to the arts. These include off-campus trips to artistic events (plays, musicals, symphonies, operas, fairs, etc.), museums, and lectures, as well as in-house events such as open-mic nights, talent shows, faculty talks, film screenings, and the traditional “Palaver Dinners” that combine student-cooked meals with informal speeches on a range of art-related topics.

Are you interested in living in the Humanities Residential Program for 2015-16? Contact George Erving, Director of the Honors Program, at, or 253.879.3816.  

Honors Residential Program 

The Honors Program at Puget Sound offers students a chance to fulfill their Core Requirements in courses that focus on classic texts of Eastern and Western civilization. Each year, 34 students are selected to participate in this four-year program. These students will take classes together and build a common base of knowledge from which to draw on in subsequent classes. During senior year, each student in the program will write an Honors Thesis in their major or field of study and then present their research to the community. At graduation, students who complete the program will be designated as Coolidge Otis Chapman Honors Scholars.

Interested in living in the Honors Flat in Commencement or Langlow House for 2015-16? Contact George Erving, Director of the Honors Program, at, or 253.879.3816.