1312 N. Alder

1312 N. Alder
[Unavailable for 2014-15]

Bedrooms: 2 singles
Bathrooms: 3/4

Entry into small living room. Sunny dining room with long window storage bench and medium-sized table. Average kitchen with door to laundry room and back door. Rooms have good closet space. Spacious bathroom. Covered front porch. Big windows make this a sunny home.


1101 N. Lawrence

[House with four 2-person apartments & three 1-person apartments]
(See 1-person listings for single apartments descriptions)

1101 N. Lawrence, Apartment B1101 N Lawrence, Apartment B

Apartment B

Bottom floor studio with 1 full bath.

Outside entry leads to small living/dining room with a fireplace. French doors open to a large walk-in closet and the bathroom. Cute kitchen has a pantry, good cabinet space, and a door to the rest of the building. There is a small room for privacy that will hold one bed or both beds if bunked, but leaves little extra space.  This quaint studio is cozy and has pretty views.


1101 N. Lawrence, Apartment C1101 N. Lawrence, Apartment C

Apartment C

Bottom floor apartment with 1 double room and one ¾ bathroom.

Large apartment with outside entry from the front of the building. Big living room has a fireplace with mantle and built-in shelves. French doors open to a dining room that has a large built-in cabinet and a small table. Large kitchen has a door to the rest of the building. Average-sized double room has a large closet. Many residents turn the dining room into a bedroom, allowing for two single living spaces.  Additional storage is located in the bathroom and hall area.

This is the biggest apartment in the building and has lots of windows and storage space.


1101 N. Lawrence, Apartment E1101 N. Lawrence, Apartment E

Apartment E

Upstairs apartment with 1 double room and 1 full bath.

Small double room has a small closet, requiring a creative use of space, and an attached bathroom. Additional large walk-in closet located in the living room. Cute kitchen has a small table and nice views from the big window. Living room has brown carpeting.


1101 N. Lawrence, Apartment F1101 N. Lawrence, Apartment F

Apartment F

Upstairs apartment with 1 double room and one ¾ bathroom.

Small apartment has brown carpeting and a large double room with big windows. Kitchen has a small refrigerator and a small 3-burner stove. Low ceiling in part of the kitchen. Two average-sized closets, one located in the bedroom and one in the living room.