Seven-Person (Or More)

3214 N. 12th
Bedrooms: 1 single, 3 doubles

Bathrooms: 2.5

The house has a large, sunny deck. It also has two living rooms and a fireplace. It's a great high-occupancy house. The heat can be difficult to regulate.

1003 N. Lawrence [8-person]
Bedrooms: 3 doubles, 2 singles

Bathrooms: 1 3/4

This house has nice, open large living and dining areas, with an average to small kitchen. Bedrooms are good sized. One double is in the basement and has low ceilings, but is attached to the 3/4 bath.

1107 N. Lawrence
[RCC HOUSE 2014-15]

Bedrooms: 3 singles, 2 doubles
Bathroom: 2 Full

This is a 7-person house, but one of the single rooms is reserved for the RCC. Six spaces (2 singles, 2 doubles) are open for the housing lottery. This house has a nice front and back porch. There is a nice built-in in the dining room. The kitchen is in good condition, and the house has a nice sized living room and basement. The doubles are on the second floor and have pitched ceilings, requiring creative furniture set-up.

1411 N. Washington
[RCC House for 2014-15]

Bedrooms: 3 singles, 2 doubles
Bathroom: 1 Full, 1 3/4

This house has nice painted walls in the living room, and a fireplace. There is no formal dining room, but the kitchen is nice. There are nice storage closets, but no basement. All rooms are good sized.