Housing Selection

Housing Selection is our annual room selection day for continuing students to select their room placements for the upcoming year. All rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors are able to attend selection. Housing Selection 2015 has passed. Any continuing student who would like to live on campus and has not signed a 2015-2016 housing contract should contact Residence Life to schedule an appointment to review available options. 



The intent of Housing Selection is to give students direct control over room selection for the following year. Housing Selection gives students with the best (lowest) priority number the first chance to choose a room. Housing Selection is intended to be as fair as possible according to randomly generated priority numbers based on class seniority. Puget Sound’s housing selection system gives a great deal of responsibility to students. Because students choose the exact room in which they will live for the next academic year and are responsible for deciding exactly who they want to group with, students must fully investigate all of the available opportunities in order to determine the best approach in choosing their housing.


Important Details about Housing Selection

  • All current on-campus students will receive a priority number based on class priority rank (rising Seniors will have the best/lowest number).
  • Returning students that aren't currently living on campus, but want to live on campus next year, may still participate in Housing Selection.  Please contact reslife@pugetsound.edu to request a priority number.
  • Attending Selection is the best way to find the right housing option for you and is strongly encouraged. If you are currently abroad, on a leave of absence, or unable to attend Selection you may select housing by proxy. Your designated proxy will choose housing for you. The housing they choose is binding. Your proxy must have your proxy form found here, and a signed housing contract in hand at the time of selection on your behalf. Housing selections made by your proxy are binding for the academic year. 
  • If you are signing up for a room, suite, or house with one or more other people, you should all come together to Housing Selection to secure your desired space.  Your entire group is able to come to housing selection at the time of the person who has the best (lowest) priority number. The group must secure a housing assignment that accommodates the entire group. For example, you may not use a low priority number of a rising senior who does not sign a housing contract for the same housing location as that group.
  • Students will check-in at the Murray Board Room in Wheelock. Once ushered into the Rotunda, stations for all of the various housing options will be available and students can pick any space that is open.
  • With a space selected, the final step involves signing the 2015-2016 housing contract. Once you have signed a contract you are considered to have an active and valid contract with the university for a space in on-campus housing for the entire 2015-2016 academic year.  In other words, you are bound to your contract upon signature. These contracts cannot be cancelled except by appeal to a housing appeals review board, unless the student is graduating, going away on a university-recognized Study Abroad program and has prearranged to swap rooms with another student at semester, or is leaving the university.


More Information About Housing Selection


Housing Options

As a continuing student you have several housing options to choose from. The chart below summarizes your options based on class standing and room type. Note that some housing options require applications (such as Theme Houses and themed flats in Commencement) and may not be available during Selection. 

housing options



  • If you are interested in keeping your same room on campus for next year, you need to fill out an application to homestead and submit it to Residence Life. Applications are due February 13th 2015. Residence Life will review the applications and approve as many students as possible depending on the number of applications received, themed housing locations, etc. 
  • Homesteading is available in unaffiliated Commencement flats, on-campus houses, Trimble, and traditional residence halls. Homesteading is not available in Greek Houses and themed areas of Commencement.
  • If you are selected to homestead, your housing priority number will be void. If you are not selected to homestead or choose not to accept your placement, you will still be eligible to participate in Selection at your designated time.  
  • Applications to homestead for 2015-2016 are available online here


Living In Themed Communities

  • Students interested in living in an interest based themed community may apply to secure a Theme House. Applications are available here. Theme Houses can accommodate 4-6 students, and are based on common interests. For more information about Theme Houses and a list of current themed houses click here
  • Greek housing contracts and fall 2015 Chapter live-in rosters are due to Residence Life in mid-February. Each fraternity and sorority will work with their executive board, Greek House Coordinator, and Residence Life to fill their house. If you have questions about living in your chapter house, contact your Greek House Coordinator. 
  • Note: If you are selected to live in any themed or Greek house, your priority number will be void and you will not be eligible to participate in Selection.
  • Click here for more information about available themed living.


Priority Numbers & Selection Times

Priority numbers are assigned based on class standing. Lower priority numbers select housing prior to higher priority numbers. A group may use the lowest priority of any member of that group to sign-up for housing. The whole group must be placed in a housing assignment that accommodates the entire group. Priority numbers for students pre-placed in housing who have already signed housing contracts (such as theme houses or Greek houses) are void. 

Priority numbers will be emailed to all students currently living on campus in February. If you are currently living off campus or are abroad, and would like a priority number, please contact reslife@pugetsound.edu to receive your number. 


Want to learn more? Click here to read frequently asked questions about Housing Selection and here for information and tips on living with others.