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Residence Life will offer an early decision housing selection process for continuing students with sophomore standing and above in early February prior to housing lottery This process allows students to choose their housing for the following academic year prior to first-year students.

Early Decision Housing Selection

Dates:  Monday-Friday, February 3-7, 2014

Time: Various, between 9 a.m.-4 p.m. each day

Location: Residence Life, 3209 N. 15th St. 

Over the week of February 3-7, 2014, Residence Life will host its early decision housing selection for current students with sophomore standing and above.  If you are a current sophomore or junior at Puget Sound, you have the special opportunity to select your housing before first-year students. 

All students currently with sophomore standing and above who are currently living on campus will receive a lottery number in January for the early decision process.  For students living off-campus, we ask that they be in contact with our office if they would like to participate in the early decision process.

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Why Live on Campus as a Junior or Senior?
Frequently Asked Questions

Why Live on Campus as a Junior or Senior?

Convenience secure housing that is safe and affordable before the end of the fall semester! No messy hassles with off-campus landlords, utilities, commuting, etc.

Comfort and Community – enjoy all the benefits of living with your peers in the heart of the university community, with close proximity to classes, faculty, activities and events, campus resources, and more!

Capitalizemake the most of your junior and senior years by actively engaging in academic and co-curricular opportunities while living on-campus!

Curious how living on campus compares to local off-campus options? Take a look at  a sample comparison of costs and amenities.

  • Questions about living on campus? Contact Deborah Chee, Director of Residence Life and Off Campus Student Services,, 253.879.3317 
  • Questions about living off campus? Contact Deborah Chee, Director of Residence Life and Off Campus Student Services,, 253.879.3317

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the early decision process work? – All students currently living on campus or abroad on a university sponsored study abroad trip and with current sophomore standing and above will receive a housing lottery number in December. This number is based on the number of units you've completed at Puget Sound. Each number corresponds to a specific date and time February 3-7 when you are eligible to sign up for a space to live on campus for the 2014-15 academic year. If you are living with a group of friends, your group can sign up for your housing based on whomever has the lowest number in that group. All members of your group must be present, or have a proxy form signed, to sign your housing contract for that space next year.  Prior to the February 3-7, students can apply for homestead, a theme house, or a flat in Commencement Hall. 

Can I live on-campus if I'm studying abroad next year? - Yes, however in order to participate in the early decision process, a student anticipating studying abroad next year will need to pair up with a fellow student who is planning to go abroad in the opposite semester, pre-arranging to switch rooms at semester. The term of a Residence Life housing contract is one full academic year, thus students taking advantage of this early sign up opportunity should arrange with a partner to create a full year's contract.  NOTE: If a student is applying to live in The Michel Rocchi International District in Commencement Hall they will apply as an individual and do not need to pair up.      

How do I sign up to live in Commencement?Commencement Hall currently houses five unique academic-residential programs: Entrepreneurship House, Environmental Outdoors House, Humanities House, International District, and Honors House. These exciting programs are student-driven with faculty/staff support and provide many special learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Current students with sophomore standing and above may apply for these programs. Commencement will also have two unaffiliated flats students may select to live in as part of the early decision housing selection process. Application information for 2014-2015 is available on the Commencement Hall website here. Each house has unique deadlines and processes, so please make sure to note deadlines for your area of interest!

What does signing a housing contract mean? – The housing contract is an official contract with the university, binding for one full academic year.  Once you sign your contract, you are obligated to live on campus and pay room and board fees (as applicable for their housing assignment) for the full year, although the location on campus may change if you chose to move for any reason. 

What is Homesteading? – Homesteading refers to the process for keeping the room a student is currently living in for another year.  Homesteading gives first priority to students choosing to remain in their current room. Students must submit an application to homestead. Students are not eligible to homestead in the following locations: Commencement Hall, Greek houses (including overflow), and theme houses.  Apply to homestead. Applications for homesteading for early decision are due January 24, 2014. 

What if I can't make my assigned time to select my housing? – You may select a proxy to choose your assignment for you during your assigned time. This is a person who is given permission to sign up another student for a housing space.  If a student is unable to attend their selection time, they may fill out a housing contract and a proxy form ahead of time, and the chosen proxy then has the ability to attend sign up for a housing assignment in their place during their time. A student may designate a fellow student as their proxy, or the Residence Life office. See forms below.

What if I don't sign up for housing during the early decision process?  The early decision selection process is designed to allow future upper division students first priority to premium housing space on campus prior to the general housing lottery process. If you do not chose to sign up for housing during the early decision process you may participate in the lottery process taking place on March 8, 2014 utilizing the lottery number you receive in December. After March 8, students can choose from any available housing spaces by contacting the office of Residence Life. 

How do I secure housing before the lottery? There are a few ways to select housing before both early decision selection and spring lottery. First, if you a member of a sorority or fraternity, your chapter house will select students to live in the house in January. Second, you may homestead your current location (excluding Commencement, Theme Houses, and Greek houses). Third, you may apply to live in a Theme House. Lastly, you may apply to live in Commencement hall. Each of these processes places students in housing prior to the early decision process for students with sophomore standing and above.  

More  Questions?

  • Please stop by our office in Student Development or contact for any questions regarding the early selection process. 
  • Residence Life will be hosting two informational sessions: Thursday, December 5 and Monday December 10, complete with reviews of the various unique and special housing options available to continuing students. All current students are welcome to attend these sessions! 

Please note that Residence Life will provide a spring housing lottery on Saturday, March 8, 2014. If a study abroad student is having trouble identifying a partner this fall, if we were unable to help identify a partner for a student, or if a student are not ready to commit to housing on campus this fall, the spring lottery will be another opportunity to sign up for housing.