Landlord & Property Manager Listing Form

Puget Sound students: Please use Student Listing Form.

Form Instructions

Answer each question as you wish it to appear on our web site. All items are required. Submit the completed form online by clicking "submit" at the bottom of this page.

Photo Instructions

You can submit up to three photos of your property for your listing via email to Please put the property address in the Subject line of your e-mail message.

High-resolution digital photos are preferred and only .jpg and .jpeg files are permitted due to security concerns. Please take a moment to make sure the name of each file follows the following format: house number, street, number of photo. For example: 1234nanderson01.jpg.

OCSS Property Manager Listing Form

OCSS Property Manager Listing Form

  • LISTING FEE: Listings will not be posted until payment of the listing fee is received. The listing fee is $50 for each rental unit. The listing fee may be paid in cash or check and delivered to our office at 3209 N. 15th St. or mailed to the following address:

    1500 N WARNER ST, BOX #1003
    TACOMA, WA 98416-1003

  • About the Contact Person

  • This person will be listed on our web site as the contact person.

  • About the Property

  • Please note if it is a house, duplex, or apartment complex and give complex name if applicable

  • Rent is for entire unit - NOT per person

  • Security Deposit and Fee(s)

  • / /
    Pick a date.
  • In months only

  • TOTAL: include unavailable ones

  • How many are connected to master bedrooms and for private use?

  • Landlord & Rental Agreement Information

  • Does landlord or property manager provide tenants with a written lease that complies with local, state, and federal ordinances and laws, which includes:

  • PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Upon completion of this form, please remit the listing fee. Mail payment in the form of a personal check/money order/cashiers check made payable to "UPS" to the address listed below. Credit card service is unavailable at this time. For faster service, you may bring payment directly to our office. You must include your name and the listing address on the check or in a note. Without this information, your submission process will be delayed.

  • MAINTENANCE: It is your responsibility to inform us of changes to your listing or if the property is rented. Please contact us by email at or by phone at 253.879.3317 extend or remove your listing. Include your full name and the listing address.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Listings are posted within 1-3 business days following receipt of payment. Please be patient, but do not hesitate to contact the office with any questions or concerns. Also note that some online submissions experience delays through our server as they are scanned for viruses. Thank you for using our services.

    1500 N WARNER ST, BOX #1003
    TACOMA, WA 98416-1003

    253.879.3810 (fax)