Quality of Life Survey Results

Fall 2002 Quality of Life Survey

More than 300 students living off campus responded to a Fall 2002 survey of their living experiences. 

Students found their houses or apartments through a variety of ways: 

  • 48.8 percent were referred by friends;
  • 32.6 percent found living arrangements from the off-campus website;
  • 11.0 percent saw an advertisement in the newspaper; 
  • 4.0 percent found listings on other websites.

The vast majority of students (67.8 percent) live within ten blocks of campus, and five percent commute from more than ten miles away. 

Most students (79.1 percent) have multiple-month leases, and 19.6 said they have month-to-month leases.  Sixty percent have an on-campus meal plan.

We asked students to select their top five factors in terms of importance in deciding to rent a particular house, apartment, or room.  Students’ responses are in the table below:

Factor Percent Factor Percent
Cost of Rent 84.3 Pets Allowed 17.7
Washer/Dryer in Unit/Complex 79.1 Private Bathroom 15.9
Single Bedroom 75.7 Access to Stores and Services 15.0
Walking Distance of Campus 68.4 Off-Street Parking 12.0
Utilities Included in Rent 25.6 Furnished 11.3
Landlord Takes Care of Yard 25.6 Internet Included in Rent 9.0
Quiet Neighborhood 19.6 Cable Included in Rent 2.7
Storage Space 19.6 Handicapped Access 0.3

Fall 2001 Cost of Living Survey

Just over 260 of the approximately 1,290 students living off campus in Fall 2001 completed a survey about the costs of living off campus.  Below are per person, per month costs reported by respondents.

Rent  $341.70
Utilities $92.83
Food Costs With campus meal plan:* $236.37
Without campus meal plan: $149.55
Phone $32.32
Internet $17.77
Cable $16.12
TOTAL $737.11 (with campus meal plan)
$650.29 (without campus meal plan)

* Just under half of respondents opted not to purchase a campus meal plan.  Amount spent on groceries per month was calculated separately for those students with and without a meal plan.  The meal plan total includes the monthly cost of an off-campus meal plan ($525/semester) and the amount spent each month on groceries.