About Listings

Off-Campus Student Services with assistance from the Division of Student Affairs provides a list of available off-campus housing as a service to students and landlords. Landlords who advertise on this website have agreed to provide information about properties and rental agreements that is helpful to students looking for off-campus housing. It is the responsibility of the student (tenant) to verify all information for him or herself before committing to a rental agreement.

The university has requested that landlords/property managers of the rental units listed represent that they and the rental units comply with existing laws and established criteria. The university has made no effort to ascertain the accuracy of such representations, or to evaluate whether the listings comply with existing laws and with the criteria set forth below. The university does not recommend any listings and students should assume that the university is unfamiliar with the properties. The university, the Division of Student Affairs, their trustees, officers, agents, and employees make no representation or warranty that the units listed are habitable or suitable for students or that any of the landlords' or property managers' representations are true and accurate.

The University of Puget Sound and all affiliated thereof shall not be held liable for any damage arising from the information posted on this website, the accuracy or substantive content of the information, or errors or omissions made in compilation of the website.

The university also makes no representations with respect to the ability or the tendency of students who may lease premises listed on this website to comply with the landlords' regulations or the terms of any lease that the landlords may enter with university students. The university shall not be responsible or liable for the way in which students leasing premises posted on this website behave in the rental unit or with respect to landlords and their property.

If you have complaints regarding housing issues contact the Tacoma Human Rights and Human Services Department (253.591.5165) or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).