Reporting Harassment or Sexual Assault

What Happens When You Report?

When you report a sexual assault or sexual harassment to a designated official, you still have a number of options:

  • You can tell the official as much or as little as you choose.
  • The official will walk you through your reporting options.
  • You may choose to file an official complaint, proceed with an informal resolution process, or simply report what happened without going any further.
  • The official does have an obligation to report that the assault/harassment occurred in order to be included in our campus crime statistics, but your name will remain confidential.

If you report to both Tacoma Police Department (TPD) and a campus official, it is possible you could proceed with a complaint process with both entities. The campus process tends to move faster than the TPD process and may produce different results. Please direct any questions to a designated official if you are concerned about reporting through both systems.

For details about filing a complaint and procedural options in cases of sexual harassment or assault, see the Campus Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Sexual Misconduct


Who To Talk To

A faculty, staff, or student complaint may be brought to any of the following designated officials. If you are having questions about where to start, please contact the Dean of Students office by calling 253.879.3360 or stopping by Wheelock Student Center Room 208.

Any of these harassment officers can help you in obtaining alternative campus housing and/or academic arrangements as may be appropriate.

Complaints also may be brought to the head of the complainant's academic or administrative department, or to the department head of the person behaving objectionably.

Kris Bartanen
Academic Vice President/Dean of the University

Michael Benitez
Chief Diversity Officer and Dean of Diversity and Inclusion
Title IX Coordinator/Affirmative Action Officer

Sarah Shives
Assistant Dean of Students

Grace Kirchner
Sexual Harassment Complaint Ombudsperson

Sunil Kukreja
Associate Academic Dean
Professor of Comparative Sociology

Cindy Matern
Associate Vice President for Human Resources/Career and Employment Services

Mike Segawa
Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students