Sexual and Gender Violence Committee (SGVC)

In spring 2013, the Sexual Assault Work Group (SAWG) was tasked to identify programs, services, and support systems at Puget Sound that target sexual assault response, education, and prevention, and provide recommendations on ways in which Puget Sound can continue to work toward effectively addressing sexual misconduct within our campus community. A final SAWG report was created to summarize the work group’s findings and recommendations for a comprehensive approach to preventing and responding to sexual misconduct.

The Sexual Assault Work Group evolved to become the ongoing Sexual and Gender Violence Committee. The mission of SGVC is to foster a community of care, respect, and safety at University of Puget Sound through coordinated community efforts in response to gender and sexual violence.

The SGVC is a group comprised of faculty, staff from academic and student affairs, students and community partners who take an active role and share in the responsibility of examining what we are doing as a campus community to address sexual and gender violence prevention, education, and response. SGVC charges include providing advice on best practices and strategies to:

  • educate the campus community about how to recognize and prevent incidents of gender and sexual violence;
  • educate the campus community about the reporting process for incidents of gender and sexual violence; 
  • enhance support and advocacy for survivors of sexual and gender violence; 
  • ensure a fair and balanced process for responding to incidents, concerns, and complaints

The group includes two subcommittees:

Prevention Education (Outreach and Engagement)
This subcommittee focuses on SGVC prevention and education events and activities. The subcommittee is responsible for examining current prevention and education work, providing guidance on how and where such outreach and engagement fits in best/aligns within current programming, and share ideas about professional development opportunities for faculty, staff and students. The committee will focus on collaborative and coordinated sexual and gender violence programming and education across the University.

Policy and Procedures (Response and Process)
The policy subcommittee strives to identify, review, and revise existing institutional policies and response and investigation guidelines needed to create a safer and healthier campus climate in the area of sexual and gender violence.

SGVC Committee Members
Bill Warner, Security Services
Debbie Chee, Residence Life
Chris Edwards, CHWS
Noah Lumbantobing, ASUPS President
Chris Myhre, Athletics
Aislinn Melchior, Faculty
Poppy Fry, Faculty
Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic
Alex Keyssilitz, SIRGE Coordinator
Rebuilding Hope (Sexual Assault Center for Pierce County)
Sarah Shives, Assistant Dean of Students
Frank Cirrioni, Conduct Office
Mary Clements, Dean of Diversity & Inclusion Office
Human Resources/HROS
Marta Cady, Associate Dean of Students, Chair